We can assist you all the way from planning and design to full implementation and installation. Our marine expertise range from marin echology and biology all the way to design and construction of marine structures like pipelines and piers and key equipment like barges and work vessels. Whatever action you want, we promise to give your problem our full attention in order to create the best possible result.

BlueOrbis offers:

Example of marine environmental consulting service: Project planning. Environmental impact assesments (EIA). Handling of permits etc. Marine biological studies incl. diving operations. Education in practical tendering, contracting law, project planning etc.

We handle environmental sensitive areas.
The environment plays a central roll in
everything we do. Our experts offer
specialist competense in a great variety
of environmental issues. Working close
together with construction and production
allows us to come up with problem solutions
that are not only in line with the environment,
but also practical and more cost efficient
for our clients.
We call it down-to-earth environmental concern.


Meeting the challenges of the rough climate off the coast of Norway have beeen part of our work for Waves4Power.

June 2, 2017 BlueOrbis connected the wave power plant to the grid at Runde on the Norwegia west coast.