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It’s always easy to get in touch with us at BlueOrbis. It’s part of our service to be accessible to our clients and partners. You can always send us an e-mail or give us a call. If we are busy when you call we promise to get back to you ASAP. To make it easier for you, please use the direct e-mail links to get hold of the right competence or the right person.

Management, administration and marine operations: <bengt.marlind på blueorbis. com> (på=@)

Marine contracting, marine engineering and estimates: <tore.marlind på blueorbis. com> (på=@)

Estimates and project management: <marcus.engdahl på blueorbis. com> (på=@)

Site management: <jonas.andersson på blueorbis. com> (på=@)

Environmental consulting, marine biology etc: <robert.eriksson på blueorbis. com> (på=@)