The Marine World. Our World!

Environmental focus is essential when working with construction and engineering work in and around water. It’s a huge responsibility to design and place an underwater pipe-line, a sea bed based foundation or a wave energy park without harmining the eco system and disturbing the surrounding environment.

Ask us. We have done it many times. We are the experts you can trust to provide you with the best possible solution. Sometimes it can be a real challenge. And we love challenges.

BlueOrbis offers:

  • Risk Analysis
  • HMSQ planning
  • Cost estimates
  • Project planning
  • Project logistics
  • Project management
  • Marine contracting
  • Inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM)
  • Project implementation
  • Sub sea installation
  • Sub sea pipes and cables
  • Follow up
  • Documentation


Meeting the challenges of the rough climate off the coast of Norway have beeen part of our work for Waves4Power.

June 2, 2017 BlueOrbis connected the wave power plant to the grid at Runde on the Norwegia west coast.