Creative trouble shooting takes a very strong and committed team. At BlueOrbis, we are several different persons with different personalities. We have different education and backgrounds. But we have one thing in common - we like what we do and we like to do it together.

The BlueOrbis way.

We help our clients improve their performance by offering cost efficient solutions and service. We identify problem areas and implement plans and actions for successful implementationt. We like to offer our clients a good end result that makes us proud and our clients proud of our work.

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When the fresh water supply is out the job has to be done, no matter! We are working with the essential for a good life from fresh water supply and sewage to maintanance of different types of concrete constructions from jettys to hydro electric power plants. It’s a wide field of work. But over the years we have built up our expertise. That’s why we have special equipment for various assignments and experts with various skills. All our staff are hands-on problem solvers used to facing real challenges every day.

The marine environment is a sensitive work place. To offer services in marine environment technology, handling of permits, marin biology etc. comes natural to us. It's part of our way of life.